With the advent of digital services and application on Mobile and Web, the importance of Phone Numbers as a unique identifier has significantly increased. mCheck provides real time intelligence behind phone numbers easily and fast. Save your company’s time and money by relying on mCheck to

  • Reduce undelivered SMSs
  • Improve user conversion rates
  • Reduce Fake/Spam accounts
  • Prevent Voice Fraud (Artificial Inflation of Traffic) on your service or application

 Service features

  • Validate phone number format
  • Check Number Type
  • Identify Carrier Name
  • Check Fraud Information
  • mCheck is delivered via API and easily integrates into existing Mobile or Web applications and services

Why choose BICS for mCheck?

BICS has 15 years of experience in building and maintaining its Global Numbering Plan and Fraud Database

BICS Global Numbering Plan 
     -Dedicated Team to interact with regulators ITU-T
     -Carrier partners & Mobile Operators
     -30 billion communications delivered annually using our numbering plan

Global Fraud Number Database
     -Uptp 500 Million Fraud/Spam calls blocked on annual basis
     -Millions of Euros saved for customers
     -Fraud and Spam numbers crowd-sourced from a network of more than 800 partners.