Voice VAS

Voice VAS

Our Voice Value-Added Services provide new international services in addition to the traditional voice business. Mobile, fixed and calling card operators require a reliable partner able to provide dial access from a large number of countries. The more this partner can provide in terms of coverage and type of dial access, the better it will be for the requesting operators. Thanks to this extended and versatile dial access, a broad set of services can be enabled such as: Audio Conferencing Services, Conference on Demand, CCS Internal Calling Cards and Voice Menu.

If you seek a Voice VAS provider that offers multiple access methods, with extensive coverage and dedicated support, BICS is the right partner for you to enable your Voice Value-added Services.

Why choose BICS for your Voice Value-added Services?

Choosing BICS as your partner for Voice VAS will immediately enhance your coverage and flexibility strengths in serving your customer. In addition, by choosing BICS, you will choose a world-leading carrier that has been already voted 'Best Wholesale Carrier' on three occasions. With its Network Operations Centre and dedicated teams and processes in place for this service, BICS lives up to its reputation as a high-quality wholesale carrier.

  • Coverage of over 80 countries with the best-in-class service quality
  • Online payment balance status
  • VoIP and TDM
  • Quality is part of our ecosystem
  • Part of a top-3 international voice carrier's portfolio


  • Global Numbers
  • Inbound Numbers
  • Freephone
  • Shared Cost Services
  • Premium
  • Voice Webvision