In today’s mobile world, roaming and messaging represent important revenue generators for mobile operators.
Signalling services provide the connectivity that enables roaming and messaging between a mobile operator and its roaming partners.It ensures continuity of service for mobile users by enabling them to  make or receive mobile calls, send or receive SMS and use mobile internet while travelling all around the globe.

Service features

  • Fully-owned infrastructure
  • Standards compliancy
  • Interstandard access
  • Advanced routing
  • Security
  • Full visibility and advanced reporting
  • QoS reporting
  • Online Election tool
  • Signalling Value Added Services

Why choose BICS for Signalling Services?

BICS’ aim is to help mobile operators worldwide to meet the emerging requirements by providing them with solutions tailored upon their specific needs.
As the largest Signalling provider and an international wholesale carrier, BICS has the experience, the focus and the financial viability to support your business, understands your business and is committed to provide high-quality services by delivering on its promise.

  • Best in class performance and reliability using high-quality direct routing for 99% of the destinations
  • Worldwide reach with local STP presence in various continents
  • Advanced Reporting, Tracking&Tracing and Business Intelligence capabilities through SMART Webvision product suite
  • End-to-end service control on 280+ on-net destinations directly connected to BICS’ Signalling network
  • Foundation for a complete suite of hosted roaming Value Added Services (Steering of Roaming, Gateway Location Register, Call Correction etc.)
  • Monetization of Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging traffic via state-of-the-art, hosted SMS Firewall and SMS Fraud consulting services
  • Pro-active maintenance and intervention through a state-of-the-art Signalling monitoring infrastructure