IP Transit

Offering global coverage via a single Autonomous System (AS), comprehensive peering arrangements & top performing backbone together with an SLA to back it, BICS’ IP Transit solution is recognized by operators worldwide as a best in class solution providing high performance in a cost-efficient way.
On top of being connected to the most important Internet Exchange Points, BICS has settled Private Peerings with the majority of the Internet Operators at international scale, being focused on delivering high-performing and reliable solutions.

As such, IP Transit powers your global reach by connecting your customers to the world.

Service features

  • Present at the major internet exchanges
  • Extensively peered Global Multi-10G IP Network (AS6774)
  • BGP communities allow control over announcement of routes by the BICS network


Why choose BICS for Capacity services?

BICS owns a 100 Gbps capable Optical network with OTN layer covering all major data centres & IP exchanges in Europe. Our international network includes direct connections to 100 countries, capacity on 70 submarine cables (including EIG, SMW4, TAT-14, SMW3, FLAG, Yellow and SAT-3/SAFE) with 200 landing points, participation in the Intelsat and Eutelsat satellite systems, and 270 bilateral agreements with other operators. To secure capacity between Europe and Asia for future requirements, and to add physical redundancy, we invested in the EIG (Europe India Gateway) cable system through our partner Omantel.

For mobile data, we operate our own signalling, SMS, MMS and GRX platforms, which connect up to 400 mobile networks across the globe. Peering connections have been established with over 30 hubbing providers to extend BICS' reach to the overall mobile community.