Cloud Numbers

In a digital era, businesses need to transform their offerings and empower users through personalized, interactive and immersive digital experiences.

Digitalisation is powering the migration of communication services to the cloud, which enables businesses to go international and better collaborate with customers, employees and suppliers all around the world.
Cloud Communication reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) -by minimizing investments in physical equipment and infrastructure- while still providing the flexibility to scale the services when required.

Cloud communication services have several forms ranging from Unified Communications to Mobile Applications Mobile. To scale their business globally, Unified Communication providers, Cloud PBX providers, Contact Centres, Conferencing service providers or Digital service providers need to connect their services to fixed or mobile networks across the world. In this context, Cloud Numbers become critically important for any type of communication provider around the world.

  • Conferencing service providers need local telephone numbers and toll-free phone numbers
  • Cloud UC and PBX providers need SIP accounts with E.164 numbers
  • Call centres/Customer support need local or toll-free numbers in every country
  • Applications use mobile numbers to enable contextual communication
  • Cloud Numbers enable helpdesk services and access to centralised paid content
  • Retailers need local numbers for local presence
  • Large, Medium and Small businesses use local or toll-free numbers for branding, marketing and operational support.

Service Features

  • Availability of variety of numbers: Local, Geographical, Toll-Free, Universal Toll-Free and Mobile Numbers
  • Emergency services
  • Directory services
  • Number portability
  • Online Management Centre
  • API integration

Why choose BICS?

Partnering with BICS gets you one step closer to the Cloud through instant provisioning of Cloud Communication Numbers. You will benefit from BICS' vast voice network with direct connectivity to nearly all telecom operators across the world.

  • Best-in-class quality of service with committed service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Strategic vision to grow Cloud Communication Number business with long-term commitment and roadmap
  • Extensive experience in technology and international communications
  • Financial stable operator

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BICS is reinforcing its position as a Cloud Communications enabler and launched a self-service portal to ease the process of ordering Cloud Numbers. The BICS "My NUmbers Portal" helps Enterprises, Contact Centers, Conferencing or Cloud Communication Providers to order Cloud Numbers for their business. Check out our explanatory video!