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Enjoying the dedication of its teams in Uruguay and Ecuador, alongside those in the US, BICS’ presence in Latin America has been visibly strengthened in recent years.

Priding itself on strong customer relationships, BICS is able to offer operators in the region its renowned intimacy, trust and comprehensive support from within the same time zone.

After its first presence in Miami over ten years ago, BICS’ reputation and resources have grown steadily, keeping pace with end users’ ever-expanding demand for voice and mobile data services.

For the second consecutive year, BICS has been awarded the prestigious ROCCO Award for Vendor Performance in recognition of its International Signalling services.

The awards highlight vendors supplying best-in-class solutions in the international carrier services sector, with a specific focus on roaming service provision, and are decided after consultation with mobile network operators and industry experts.

Marking vendors against criteria such as ‘trust’ and ‘value for money’, executives from the top carriers voted BICS as the International Signalling market leader.

At the end of 2014, BICS decided to devote itself even more to the growing OTT market across the Atlantic and opened their second physical location in the United States. San Francisco is now the home to one of BICS’ very important business segments; providing the much needed support to the over-the-top players and major operators which utilize BICS’ unrivalled service portfolio.

This year BICS joined 93,000 other mobile professionals, from 200 different countries in what was the largest-ever Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

With a record number of operators attending the event, the key theme “Edge of Innovation” brought the focus of conversation away from data speeds and 4G deployments, and on to VoLTE and the monetisation of LTE.

Last year was a dynamic twelve months in the wholesale sector as the effect of disruptive technologies and business models began to be felt. Consolidation continued and we saw traditional and non-traditional players introducing services based on next generation technologies and new business models.

During this year we can expect increased uptake of enhanced core services such as HD Voice and VoLTE as carriers look to differentiate. MVNOs and OTTs are, in turn, expanding their range of services to end users. 

When roaming charges for mobile users in the EU are abolished on 1 July 2016, it will mark a new era in mobile communications. For the first time, mobile users will be able to access services more cheaply while abroad. It will also open up the market to specialist roaming providers and lead to increased competition for established operators. There are then two options for operators; accept the erosion of roaming revenues or introduce innovative services and compete for an increased market share.

Point of view by Ceri Tinine, expert in the MVNO industry

BICS is very pleased to introduce Malcolm Chan, who recently has been appointed Managing Director for the Asia-Pacific region. Malcolm shares some interesting insights about the history, evolution, goals and challenges faced by his team in Singapore.

"Having spent the last 15 years in the mobile, wholesale and enterprise side of the Telecommunications business, I am pleased to have joined BICS as Managing Director, Asia-Pacific.

The use of smartphones, broadband devices and other services such as video streaming, constantly increases the demand for capacity. To answer this growing demand and deliver an even more cost-effective solution, BICS is offering now access to exchange points across its transport infrastructure. It allows ISPs to peer without a physical presence at the peering point. They can outsource the complexity of peering related to the selection of Internet Exchange Points and the extension of their network by leasing transport (e.g. circuits) into the IXP.

Again this year, the Mobile World Congress was a truly enriching event and experience. Barcelona hosted between February 24th and 27th more than 85,000 MWC attendees from over 200 countries. In the light of the congress' theme "Creating What's Next" for the Mobile industry, the exhibition halls provided glimpses of the latest and most exciting smartphones, tablets, wearables, applications, accessories, and more. Leading figures such as WhatsApp’s CEO, Jan Koum, and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, shared their vision about what to expect in the near future.