The Rise of Digital Communications Providers

In the mobile marketplace, digital communications providers are one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry, and in this area, the US remains the global centre for innovation.

To achieve this success and expand their range of services, web-based and app communications providers need to enlist the experience of traditional carrier service providers, such as BICS, as our unrivaled insight into the mobile market and our solution suites enable these digital providers with the tools to develop their business and offer a seamless customer experience to their end users.

Our technology aimed at web-based and app companies across the globe can allow them to experience the same success which has been witnessed in areas such as the West Coast Bay Area, where our San Francisco office supports customers looking for next generation data solutions, messaging and the complete range of telecom services.

BICS has Supported the Digital Communications Market for Many Years

New applications are constantly being developed which contribute to the massive growth of this segment, and to ensure this success, a seamless interoperability between apps and the network is crucial. BICS has developed API tools for seamless and cost-effective global messaging, fraud prevention and authentication solutions to bridge the gap between the telecom market and these new digital communications providers.

In addition to aiding the launch of new communication applications, BICS continues to offer support to the more-established internet-based app providers through delivering interoperability solutions between web-based applications and the mobile networks.

Although web application customers in developed regions, such as North America, have been traditionally at the centre of these innovations, developing countries are now also seeing a rise in the demand for Internet based telecom services. Subscribers are progressively moving away from desktop computers in favour of wireless devices to access internet services.

BICS is in prime position to enrich end-users’ experience with a global reach across their worldwide footprint. From a legacy business to transport, security, mobile identity management, and big data analytics, the scale of BICS’ potential in this segment is huge.

Our portfolio of solutions also protect against fraud which is a pertinent issue across the industry. Number verification is a problem for services which travel above the network, but BICS’ solution covers this issue by proactively preventing fraud and enabling players to maximise their revenues.

Innovation is crucial to our sustained growth and has become a part of our strategy to support all communications providers. It is the driving technology that bridges the gap between these new services, and pre-existing infrastructure. It is an exciting time for the industry which, to a certain degree, is unpredictable with no-one knowing where the next growth area will be.

For BICS, our priority is to stay at the forefront of the industry, offering our customers a plethora of solutions to ensure interoperability and that all web-based applications are answering the demands of subscribers, wherever they are in the world.

By Guillaume Bourcy, Director of Sales & Development at BICS San Francisco