MENA Region is Driving the Growth in Next Generation Services

The dynamic MENA (Middle East and North Africa) market is one of BICS’ most successful across its whole global footprint. Enthusiastic operators throughout Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and beyond have driven growth in next generation services to better serve their subscribers.

With over twelve years of experience in the Middle East, BICS has always been close to its customers, providing local expertise in the management of business relationships at commercial and technical level, including the deployment of a local NOC (network operations centre) in UAE. BICS’ regional presence has been recently extended through the implementation of PoPs (points of presence) in the region, improving service efficiency and providing customers the opportunity to connect to BICS within the region at reduced cost.

Currently the MVNO business is a strong area of growth in the Middle East. BICS is positively answering the recent demand coming from MVNOs looking at global solutions to launch their operation. BICS’ one-stop-shop solution enables MVNOs in the region to roll out their services instantaneously, accessing global coverage across BICS’ extensive footprint. Through these services, BICS empowers MVNOs to offer their subscribers the same high-quality mobile voice and data services as existing MNOs in a short space of time.

Another priority in the Middle Eastern region is next generation voice, which is reflective of the global industry that recently became very excited about services such as VoLTE. The Middle East region is in the process of launching international VoLTE, enabling end-users to make high quality HD voice calls using low-frequency LTE spectrum, resulting in an unrivalled communications experience. BICS is proud to take part to this innovative journey together with its Middle East partners. BICS currently undertakes a trial of end-to-end international VoLTE calls between leading operators in the region and BICS’ VoLTE-enabled customer base. Following several successful trials, the service will then be made commercially available.

BICS has a unique vantage point in the whole evolving telecoms ecosystem, staying ahead of the innovation curve. The MVNO one-stop-shop solution and international VoLTE completes BICS’ services portfolio, which has brought many successful innovations during recent years, including amongst others, the A2P Messaging, the real-time business intelligence tool SMART and the Roaming Hub. For BICS, the MENA region is a success story supported by dynamic players all striving to be at the forefront of telecommunication innovation.

An article by Denis Souillart, Managing Director, Middle East & North Africa at BICS