LTE and IoT will drive the MVNO market in 2016 and beyond

We are about to enter a fascinating and exciting phase in the international MVNO market, with new technology and new entrants set to disrupt the industry over the next twelve months.

Earlier this year, BICS announced the astounding growth in its LTE roaming footprint, with the service now available in about 130 countries around the world. MNOs have set this trend and now it is the turn of competitive MVNOs to look to provide subscribers with next generation roaming solutions.

LTE roaming has captured the imaginations of end users with subscribers now able to use the same high-bandwidth services on their phones abroad as they would domestically.

Alongside the adoption of LTE roaming solutions, the growth in Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) applications is also set to fuel growth in this sector. Over the coming year, we expect an influx of new M2M and sector-specific MVNOs to be launched. BICS already has a significant presence in the MVNO sector and is in prime position to support these new providers and their demand for reliable international connectivity for their applications. The IoT/M2M market offers a new revenue stream from roaming services as consistent global accessibility is imperative to the success of technological advances such as the connected car.

Growth in the number of MVNOs is expected to be focused on the LATAM and North Asian markets – particularly in China – where deregulation is giving birth to new market opportunities. Some countries in these regions have relatively low smartphone penetration and are still in the process of rolling out domestic LTE, which means if they follow the same trend as the European and North American markets have in recent years, there is excellent future potential for new players, supported by service providers such as BICS.

Next month is the annual MVNOs World Congress which is scheduled to take place in Amsterdam (11 - 14 April). Come and meet BICS and we will be discussing the adoption of LTE roaming services and how our one-stop-shop solution for rolling out next generation services will be key to the successful launch and implementation of roaming services.

An article by Vincent Godel, MVNx International Business Development at BICS