Enabling the Transition to Next Generation Voice

One of the major talking points at ITW this year will be the move to next generation voice, with many operators looking to make the transition High Definition and VoLTE enabled services in the coming year.

The move is a daunting one for many. However, the use case is now proven with pioneering operators in some developed markets already reaping the benefits of enhanced voice services, both through increased customer satisfaction and the operational efficiencies that come with moving to an all-IP environment.

BICS experts will be on hand at ITW to advise on how to approach this service evolution, both for interworking and roaming traffic, using solutions designed to ease the transition and ensure operators can maximise return on investment. Two crucial elements in managing customer expectations, are the use of the up to date analytics tools to enhance traffic routing and the prevention of voice fraud.

By assessing call traffic data in real time and identifying traffic patterns, operators are able to proactively protect against voice fraud by comparing suspicious activity to data from previous attacks attempted on carriers elsewhere in the world. Data on breaches and attempted incidents are all held within BICS’ crowdsourcing platform FraudGuard, which can then block similar attacks on these operators.

Operational efficiencies can then be created by enhanced traffic routing using analytics data created by the BICS Voice Webvision service. This provides up to date information on elements including traffic volumes, trunk occupancy, quality of service, CLI delivery and CDR download. With the increasing adoption of Origin Based Pricing models, the analytics tool also allows operators to monitor their origination patterns and costs in real time, enabling accuracy in optimal routing of traffic and accurate termination costs forecasting.

Providing an accurate evaluation of network statistics enables operators to configure their operations to not only maximise the business benefits of all-IP voice services, but also ensure the quality of the service for end users.

HD voice and VoLTE provides a new level of voice communication services which have the power to drive usage and revenues in the same way the use of data services have been stimulated by the widespread launch of LTE services.

As we have seen by other IMS services, once these upgraded core services are made available in subscribers’ domestic markets customers come to expect the same service availability when they are calling international destinations or roaming. Bringing the end to end customer experience for these services anytime, anywhere requires a hub able of catering for these next gen services across the world.

To discuss the advantages of next generation Voice Solutions, come by our booth #904 on the Purple Floor, East Tower or at the BICS’ meeting rooms on 25th Floor, West Tower. See you all there!