Connectivity in Remote Paradise

The fantasy of living in an isolated island is a popular dream of many, but many of these areas are fast becoming a lot less secluded as local populations and businesses demand better connectivity, both on the island and to connect to friends and family members elsewhere in the world.

Answering this call, operators are now making large investments to boost local business and provide residents with the complete range of connectivity services.

However, providing these facilities is far from easy. Many of these areas have limited fixed broadband infrastructure, due to traditionally low demand from the local population, and are often victim to hot and humid climates leading to erratic weather conditions and other geographic problems.

For several years now, carrier service providers have focused on providing robust wireless connectivity in these hard to access locations. This investment has created a surge in demand from both local populations and holiday makers, who are being encouraged to utilise the complete range of wireless services while roaming in the country.

BICS is dedicated to helping local operators connect these difficult locations for the benefit of their own customers, both domestic and enterprise, and to ensure they can make the most of the growing opportunity to provide data roaming services to tourists.

With a footprint reaching across the whole globe, our focus has expanded from mainland countries to remote locations. This was exemplified when, towards the end of 2014, we announced the provision of voice and roaming services in São Tome and Principe – improving connectivity for inhabitants and visitors to the island in the Gulf of Guinea.

The most effective way of securing service continuity for operators has been to implement IP over Satellite (IPoSat) services. Challenging regions, such as landlocked countries and remote islands that are reliant on single submarine cables and land-based fibre cabling which can be prone to breakages due to geographical factors and societal threats, particularly require a strong back-up connectivity option.

BICS’ RouteFlex solution has great potential to ensure connectivity across landlocked countries and isolated nations in Africa and also in other challenging regions such as Latin America and remote islands in Asia.

Living in a secluded paradise is still a dream of many, only now residents have the option of switching on and logging in to feel better connected to those around them. If they still desire the quiet life, they can always use the off switch.

An article by Sanaa Ouaddari, Senior Product Manager Satellite Services, BICS