BICS was the proud host of WAS#3, the largest roaming event of the year

BICS welcomed 250+ leading companies and more than 1,200 attendees for the 4-day event, thus making it the largest roaming event of the year

The global mobile roaming market is going through fundamental changes with many technological, strategic and regulatory forces re-shaping the roaming market and changing the end-user behavior. With an increase of 70% in the number of countries adopting LTE roaming in 2015, the deployments of next generation services are accelerating at a fast pace in all regions of the world as mobile network operators look into increasing their network capacities and offering high-speed mobile broadband.

The global deployment of LTE and its establishment as the new technology standard creates fresh opportunities and capabilities for mobile network operators in terms of the quality of experience offered to their subscribers, while at the same time significantly increasing the complexity of implementing and managing robust roaming services in a multi-technology environment.

Mobile network operators have the unique opportunity to capitalize on all these changes and prepare themselves properly to be able to stay competitive on an ever developing market. Carriers launching next generation services enable their customers and inbound visitors to access the highest quality data services while roaming on their networks, through either direct connections or peering agreements.

We hope that you enjoyed your stay in Brussels and we are looking forward to meeting all of you during WAS#4 in Dublin.

The BICS Team