BICS at the Mobile World Congress in 2017

The BICS team is nearing the end of a busy week in Barcelona, having met and chatted with customers, partners, press and analysts at our stand at the Mobile World Congress. We also found brief snippets of time to explore the halls here and discover the technology and talking points dominating the 2017 event.

Developments in the IoT and the potential of 5G were huge this year, and with knowledge and experience of the Internet of Things, BICS is well positioned to help companies make the most of this technology.

If there was one buzzword that resonated from the trade show floor though, it was 5G. Promising higher throughput, faster speeds, and increased energy efficiency, 5G will have a dramatic effect upon a wide range of industries and applications. Impressive prototypes and concept cases were on show at MWC, however, whilst it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement around the technology, it’s important to remember that the 5G reality is a while off yet.

The IoT was thriving at the MWC Innovation City, where visitors had the chance to see and interact with demonstrations including smart waste and traffic management, smart parking, and environmental monitoring. In addition to this dedicated area, halls throughout the show were peppered with consumer gadgets and high-spec tech which tapped into the IoT ecosystem.

A number of car manufacturers were exhibiting this year, showing off concept smart cars and discussing connectivity initiatives. Elsewhere, we saw medical applications that could revolutionise care and education, as well as wearables for health, lifestyle and entertainment.

In his MWC keynote address, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son shared his prediction that IoT connections will hit one trillion in 30 years, and will feature chips that far exceed the intelligence of the human brain. Exciting times are ahead, and BICS will help realise this future, by powering the IoT of today.

Our IoT solutions provide an API-based pay-as-you-grow model, which allow companies to integrate connected devices into their business, and then control and monetise them. Companies looking to embrace the IoT can also benefit from our virtualised core network in the cloud, and the seamless global roaming connectivity services, which help enable global IoT deployments with mobile at the heart.

A number of 5G products, as well as announcements on 5G trials were also big news at MWC this week.  Yet with disagreement on the specifics of the technology and no formalised standards, 5G is currently just a vision of the future.

At the show, we kept our focus firmly on the here and now, and discussed with visitors to our stand how BICS is able to improve and secure mobile experiences. The 4G data roaming has doubled in the last two years and is now available in 143 countries across the globe, thanks to our IPX Hub. Adoption is rapid; a total of 400 operators can now offer their subscribers LTE roaming sessions, compared with just 75 in 2014.

Once again, Mobile World Congress has surprised, fascinated, intrigued (and exhausted!) visitors and exhibitors alike. Amongst the headline-grabbing launches and announcements, one thread ran throughout the show: that we are heading towards an ever-more connected world. By creating reliable and secure mobile experiences anytime and anywhere, BICS is well placed to create and strengthen these connections on a global scale.

An article by Alexandru FILIP, Corporate Communications Manager at BICS