BICS is Making Strides in North America

In 2016, BICS further consolidated its position in the North American market. An office was opened on the West Coast at the end of 2015, and last year we leveraged that presence not only to further boost our credentials in the region, but also to bring us closer to potential Digital Service Provider (DSP) customers in the Silicon Valley and the entire West Coast. By opening an office in San Francisco, we aimed to get closer to prospective customers, increase our customer base and grow our portfolio of solutions through customer intimacy. I am pleased to say that this was a success.

As of this month, our San Francisco office will have grown 3 times compared to last year, showing BICS’ dedication to the market and what it has to offer to the world. Alongside this, BICS’ business growth has been astounding; increasing by nearly 200% in 2016 compared to 2015, and this is only looking to grow even more in the coming year. This is a result of our strategy to diversify our offering from the core products of Voice and A2P messaging, to including supplementary products such as Location Based Services for Mobile Identity, and API connectivity for our digital solutions. This move is in line with BICS’ wider aims of becoming the premier digital solutions provider to the telecoms industry.

Operators and DSPs in the North American market are mirroring what BICS is seeing across its networks the world over: a push towards security and authentication services within applications. This has provided BICS with the opportunity to showcase and boost its credentials in this area. In 2016 alone, BICS more than doubled its customer base in the digital segment on top its 2015 wins. It’s safe to say that digital is the way forward, and BICS is fully aware of this; adapting our business and outlook to accommodate those that need our support the most. Whether this is in the realms of data analysis to provide for greater customer experience, or connecting DSPs and operators for mutual business gain – BICS is staying ahead of the curve and helping its customers move into a digital future.

Another area where BICS has made great progress in the North American market is slightly closer to home: LTE Roaming. The growth of 4g roaming has taken more time than expected to be realized, but BICS’ global expertise, local knowledge and presence have once again paid off. We are now extremely central to the provision of LTE roaming in North America. Nearly all tier-1 operators in North America are now BICS customers; confirming BICS once again  as the global leader in the areas of IPX and LTE Roaming.

Where does BICS go from here? We will continue to support our customer’s needs and to prove our credentials in the market, with the aim of becoming the region’s number one provider of connectivity, roaming and security solutions. Moving forward we expect to see significant growth from our global IoT connectivity solution – SIM for Things – along with sponsored roaming and roaming value-added services. Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come.

An article by Brian Troesch, Managing Director BICS North America