BICS dials up European connectivity capabilities with 22 New PoPs

Network infrastructure is the backbone of 21st century society. Whether you’re in Berlin, London, Paris or Rome, we often take for granted the fact that high-speed, low latency internet connectivity is integral to the smooth running of today’s digital economy.

As we strive for quicker connections, more bandwidth and better network coverage in harder-to-reach areas of the world, data and connectivity requirements grow exponentially. And so power hungry servers and server farms across the world eat away at connectivity services in a bid to provide the best possible service at breakneck speed. To bridge the gap between supply and demand, companies are building more datacentres, and according to IDC, the number of datacentres popping up in the world will peak at 8.6 million by 2017.

BICS is pleased to announce that it has extended its regional presence, with the implementation of 22 new PoPs (points of presence) in additional datacentres around Europe, as they continue to play a crucial role in enabling mobile operators and service providers to connect consumers to the voice, data and digital services they’ve come to rely on.

With currently 72 PoPs in Europe, BICS is providing connectivity services to customers across the continent and beyond. Adding 22 more PoPs is a huge leap in capability, particularly for our capacity business in the ability to offer high-speed data services to adapt to trends such as LTE.

We’re excited to see how this move will help to strengthen both our business and that of our customers. With new PoPs predominantly in Amsterdam, London, Paris and Frankfurt – as well as other key European locations – we’re now in a prime position to stay close to our customer network, ensuring the highest quality of service through offering end-to-end managed 10 GB solutions and high-speed services. What’s more, we’ll be able to broaden our existing customer base, and offer our services to new markets.

It’s an interesting time for the industry at the moment. With tech heavyweights such as Google and Facebook collaborating on a high-speed Trans-Pacific Submarine cable project at the moment, the concept of ‘lightning quick internet’ may not be too far away from becoming a reality. The success of such projects will depend on the ability to interconnect across borders with partners and customers, and BICS is well-placed to better serve customers in light of these market changes and we’re looking forward to helping our customers reap the rewards too.

An article by Eric Loos, Senior Product Manager, Capacity and IP, BICS