Be SMART When Supporting Your Roaming Customers

Having a complete overview of activity on your network is vital to being able to plan, react, and adjust accordingly with whatever may happen. Nowhere is this more important that during the huge traffic spikes which occur every holiday season, and also during major sports tournaments around the globe.

During events such as the Olympic Games in Rio, operators need extensive visibility of network usage in order to ensure reliable service. From supporting the 400% increase in roaming at the football World Cup in 2014, to enhancing roamer experience at this summer’s major tournaments in Brazil and France; BICS understands that providing the best Quality of Experience to new customers on their network is a priority for operator customers.

The high adoption rate of LTE has led to an increasing number of people using data roaming abroad. Whilst this is great for revenue growth, it also presents a challenge for carriers and operators. All of a sudden they have an increased traffic rate, and a potentially detrimental effect on their network’s performance. Using “Big Data” is the best way to ensure quality remains high for everyone, not just roamers.

In a mobile network, this information is already there. All it requires is extracting and refining. By using a business intelligence tool like BICS’ SMART Webvision, an operator can access and analyse important information that can then be used to identify opportunities to tap into new revenue streams. Even specific app usage such as web-based communication services, or types of data sent, can be extrapolated and turned into informative, actionable data. During the summer this is increasingly important due to sheer number of new roamers, but in times of well-attended events, it is even more so. But how else can BICS help operators cope with this mass influx of people?

As a leading global player with a local perspective, BICS deploys teams to areas expected to have abnormally high roaming volumes well in advance of anticipated surges, such as large-scale events, to fully prepare local networks and operators. Our task forces use previously garnered information to anticipate peak network usage times, and provide solutions alongside outlining proactive plans to cater to these peaks.

Another benefit is being able to see where improvements need to be made. Financially this is a huge advantage to operators, as no money is wasted provisioning areas where extra capacity isn’t needed. Security also plays a big part, of course, and the SMART tool includes fraud protection features to identify any suspicious or criminal activity taking place on the network.

Alongside this, BICS can provide knowledge on how to monetise additional roamers, thereby increasing revenues for all involved. By correctly analysing the data extracted from networks, operators can see where and how people use their data roaming. Through this they can offer tailored plans for roamers to bring them out of the dark of silent roaming, and into the light of using the networks’ infrastructure. The possibilities really are endless, and are only limited by imagination. VIP packages, social media focused packages, even digital service providers focused; all are possible with the smart use of Big Data and Analytics.

An article by Mikael Schachne, VP Mobile Data Business at BICS