Asia-Pacific Continues To Be One of the Most Dynamic Telecom Markets Worldwide

The APAC market has always been dynamic, and this year is proving to be no different. At BICS, we are currently seeing market growth from two (arguably three) main areas revolutionising the industry within this region: MVNOs, VoLTE and international VoLTE.



The MVNO market in APAC is set to grow exponentially in the coming years. Established players from other markets have started to expand its global footprint gaining entry into the mobility space by having an MVNO licence in Asia.  At the same time, local MNVO’s are looking to expand its offering globally. 

BICS has been a trusted partner for MVNOs in Europe by offering access to its extensive global network and roaming platform, and also operating a carrier-grade supporting infrastructure. BICS’ one-stop-shop solution enables its customers in Asia to execute their go-to-market strategies quickly and scale up easily. Coupled with our experience supporting European MVNO’s over the years with our Roaming, Messaging and Voice suite of solutions, we are well positioned to partner MVNO’s in the region with the appropriate commercial model tailored specifically for each Asian market.


In the past few years, demand for better voice quality and connectivity has driven volume growth in APAC. More and more operators have begun to acknowledge that VoLTE is the way forward to offer premium voice quality to its customers. However, there are technological, operational and regulatory challenges.

At BICS, we continue to innovate to bring the best solutions to customers to overcome these challenges as we see customers move from traditional voice to VoLTE.  We see this as a natural extension of expertise and capabilities in the Voice business. This innovation curve has been crucial to maintaining our position as a global international voice leader in the telecommunications industry. The Asia region presents a great opportunity for us to do this; with nearly 600 million LTE subscribers in the region.

International VoLTE trials

Asia leads the world in terms of VoLTE Interworking and VoLTE Roaming activity and BICS is committed to supporting the region. Over the next three to five years, VoLTE Interworking is expected to be the next area of growth. Last year, we successfully conducted VoLTE interworking trials between European operator Proximus and South Korean operator SK Telecom.

VoLTE offers the same leap in quality from traditional voice as data services received when LTE replaced 3G, and promises the same opportunities carriers saw during this transition. This milestone in international VoLTE has laid the foundation for wider roll-out across the APAC region and further afield, in addition to enabling further innovation in next generation services.

BICS’ thought leadership and desire to drive the innovation of LTE and VoLTE has been key to our success so far.  Our experience drawn from working with operators worldwide has enabled us to implement VoLTE between operators progressive while protecting the customer experience. It is expected that both domestic and international VoLTE will see significant growth in the coming years.

An article by Malcolm Chan, Managing Director for the Asia-Pacific region, BICS