BICS' Management Team

Daniel Kurgan, Chief Executive Officer

BICS - Daniel Kurgan

Daniel Kurgan has been appointed CEO of BICS SA/NV on March 2nd 2007 after being COO from July 1st 2006 onwards.

He started his career as Contracts Manager at SABCA (biggest Belgian aerospace company, subsidiary of French Group Dassault), where he negotiated and managed major industrial sales, subcontracting and purchase contracts with customers like Boeing, Airbus, Aerospatiale (EADS), Asian governments, and suppliers like GEC Marconi, Litton...

Daniel joined Belgacom’s Carrier Division at the start of the carrier's commercial operations in January 1997, where he held several positions including International Account Manager, Head of International Relations & Sales, Sales Director (domestic and international wholesale) and VP International Wholesale, in charge of Sales & Marketing, Buying & LCR, and Customer Service and Network. In 2005 Daniel was VP Commercial of BICS, and contributed to the spin-off of Belgacom’s international carrier business.

Daniel graduated from the Solvay Business School of the University of Brussels.

Frederic Salmon, Chief Financial Officer

BICS - Frederic Salmon

Frederic joined the international team of Belgacom in 2000 after some years in external and internal audit functions, and later on, with the Executive Office attached to the CEO of the Belgacom Group. For more than 4 years in the Strategy department, Frederic actively supported the various strategic growth initiatives of BICS.

In 2005, Frederic joined the commercial team and was quickly promoted in 2007 as Regional Vice President for Africa. Under his leadership, BICS became a significant player in providing international services to telecom operators in Africa, while welcoming MTN as BICS shareholder.

Prior to his current function as CFO, Frédéric also headed the Mobile Financial Services activities of BICS until its spin-off and the creation of a joint venture with MasterCard and eServGlobal.

Frederic has a Master degree in Business & Engineering, is a Certified European Financial Analyst and also followed post-graduate finance trainings with the INSEAD in Fontainebleau and the IMD in Lausanne.

Johan Wouters, SVP Operations and Customer Services

BICS - Johan Wouters

Johan Wouters is currently heading the Operations and Customers Services Department of BICS. In this function he ensures services are delivered to customers with the highest quality and availability standards.

He has over 20 years of experience in telecom, holding functions at Belgacom in the areas of operations, engineering, corporate investment planning, metropolitan area and mobile networks. Johan joined Belgacom’s carrier division at its foundation in 1996, working with a mixed team of the Singapore Telecom, Ameritech and TDC shareholders. Here he held positions as Product Line Manager and Director Operations. He was a key contributor to the spin-off of the company and to the subsequent successful merger with Swisscom Carrier Services.

Johan worked for 3 years as a research assistant in microelectronics for medical applications at the University of Leuven, Belgium, after having graduated as a Civil Engineer in Electronics.

Nicholas H. Nikrouyan, Chief Commercial Officer

BICS - Nicholas H. Nikrouyan

Nicholas Nikrouyan started his career at BICS in July 2000 as the Director of Global Traffic Management & Buying, and currently holds the position of Chief Commercial Officer, in charge of worldwide commercial activities that include, Sales, Buying, Traffic Management and Pricing.

His career in Europe started with Deloitte & Touche Consulting as Senior Tax and Financial Consultant. Nicholas moved into the telecommunications world when he joined Global One Communications in 1997 as the head of cost control, and later as the International Carrier Relations & Sales Operations manager in their Global HQ office in Brussels, Belgium.
Prior to moving to Belgium, Nicholas spent seven years with Alamo Rent a Car in the US where he held several positions including Operations Manager and Sales Director. He has also worked as an independent consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area for several years.

Nicholas received his Bachelor of Science in Finance from California University in San Francisco and has an MBA degree from Solvay Business School in Brussels, Belgium. He is an Iranian born, American citizen who has been living and working in Europe since 1994.

Yaunese Aazibou, Chief Technology Officer

BICS - Yaunese Aazibou

Yaunese Aazibou joined BICS in 2003. Prior to his appointment as BICS' Chief Technology Officer where he is in charge of network engineering, information technology, program management and purchasing, he was overseeing – in his role of head of Solution Architecture – the overall IT architectural and business analysis activities as well as the development activities of operational tools within the fault and performance management domain. He has also closely participated in the Swisscom and MTN consolidation as well as in BICS’ overall development in the area of the network, IT and product portfolio.

His telecom career started in 1994 where he joined the Proximus Group (former Belgacom) as Analyst-Developer in the network inventory domain before moving quickly towards various management roles in the IT space with increasing responsibilities.

Yaunese received his bachelor in Applied Computer Sciences at the University College Ghent in 1994.

Vincent Hardy, SVP Strategy and Business Consolidation

BICS - Vincent Hardy

Vincent Hardy joined the Belgacom Group in 1995, where he held several positions including Product Manager, Head of International Product Management and Senior Business Development Manager.

In the latter position, Vincent contributed to the spin-off BICS and to the creation of the joint venture agreement with Swisscom.
Vincent also worked on strategic partnerships with the MTN Group and Omantel. He is currently in charge of defining the strategy of the company and of implementing the consolidation policy through new merger and acquisition projects and through strategic outsourcing partnerships.

Vincent has a Master in Economic Sciences of the University of Namur.

Jorn Vercamert, VP Communications Solutions

BICS - Jorn Vercamert

Jorn Vercamert has over 15 years of experience in the International Wholesale Telecommunications, he joined the International Division of Belgacom in 1998 which was then spun-off and merged with Swisscom International and MTN International into BICS.

He started his career at BICS as Voice Buying Manager end held various voice development positions after that. In 2004 he was appointed as Regional VP in charge of the business development in Southern Europe, Africa and Middle East. After successfully grown BICS footprint in that region, he relocated to Switzerland in 2007 where he was appointed as Managing Director for BICS Switzerland AG, overlooking activities in Central and Eastern Europe. He moved back to BICS headquarters in 2011 at which time he took his current role as VP Communications Solutions in charge of operating and growing BICS communications solutions portfolio.

He holds a Master Degree in Applied Economics specialized in International Business Management from the Leuven University and a Master Degree in Science of Marketing from the Vlerick Management School in Leuven.

Mikaël Schachne, VP Mobility Solutions

BICS - Mikaël Schachne

Mikaël Schachne joined the international division of Belgacom in 2001 which was then spun-off and merged with Swisscom International and MTN International. After having successfully led the product development and management of new international mobile data services such as Signalling, GPRS Roaming eXchange (GRX), SMS Hubbing, MMS Hubbing, Instant Roaming and Open Connectivity Roaming Hubbing, he’s now VP Mobility Solutions at BICS. The portfolio which has been built across the last 10 years is now supporting international mobile communications needs for more than 400 Mobile Operators and MVNOs across the world.

Mikaël Schachne previously worked for Winstar Europe and Mobistar where he gains extensive expertise in the implementation of telecommunications networks in the fields of GSM, GPRS, Wireless Local Loop, IP and SS7.

He graduated from the Brussels University Applied Science Faculty (Belgium) as a Civil Electrical Engineer specialised in Electronic and Telecommunications and holds a master in Business-to-Business Marketing from the Vlerick Management School in Leuven, Belgium. 

Kathelijne Winderickx, VP Human Resources & Legal Affairs

BICS - Kathelijne Winderickx

Kathelijne Winderickx has been appointed Vice President Human Resources and Legal Affairs on May 2, 2013.

She started her career in telecoms after a 4 year stay at the Brussels Bar specializing in commercial law. Kathelijne joined the Belgacom Group in 1996 where she held several positions as in-house lawyer covering various areas such as distribution, market practices, anti-trust and M&A, to be appointed in 2005 as Director of Strategy and Business Development at Belgacom ICS while heading Legal Affairs, thus partaking to the Belgacom ICS spin-off and subsequent consolidation exercise. In 2007, she headed legal affairs of Belgacom’s Consumer Business Unit.

Kathelijne graduated with a Master in Law form the University of Genth (UG) and a Master in European Law from the University of Brussels (ULB).